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What is Manual Moderation´╝č

June 9, 2023

Manual moderation is the process of reviewing and regulating user-generated content on digital platforms by human moderators instead of relying solely on automated systems. Manual moderation involves trained personnel who review user-generated content and determine whether it violates platform policies, community standards, or legal regulations. Manual moderation is often used in conjunction with automated moderation systems to ensure that inappropriate content is removed efficiently and accurately. Manual moderation is typically used for platforms that prioritize quality over quantity of content, such as online forums aimed at niche communities or marketplaces for high-value items. While manual moderation can be more time-consuming and expensive than automated moderation, it is generally considered to be more accurate and effective. Additionally, manual moderation allows for a more nuanced understanding of the content and context in which it is posted, enabling moderators to make more informed decisions and reduce the occurrence of false positives and false negatives.

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