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Intelligent Audit Platform

The Intelligent Audit Platform shows the machine recognition results through a visualized interface, combined with the machine recognition label, it can quickly capture highly risky content and pass it to the manual review, which can greatly improve moderation efficiency.


  • AI and Human Moderation Integration

    Provide auxiliary functions such as knowledge graph, risk highlight, location focus, etc., to improve review efficiency

  • Scenario Customization

    Provide comprehensive moderation on complex scenarios like profile, live streaming background, etc. support customize dynamic moderation layout restoration

Powerful Platform Features

  • Multi-scenario Content Review

    Support independent review and inspection of text, pictures, audio and video files/streams, and simultaneously support original page display to prevent hidden risks

  • Risk Knowledge Map

    You can directly view the risk label content on the audit page, provide risk knowledge map query, and avoid misjudgment of unpopular risks with insufficient experience

  • Key Place Tagging

    Point out risk positions of visualized content, highlight the sensitive text or audio-translated content, and improve the overall moderation efficiency

  • Machine-Human Synchronous Iteration

    Open up Machine-Human review linkage, human review opinions are directly fed back to the AI intelligent review model side, improve the effect of machine review models, and create an iterative closed loop

  • Optimization of Task Management

    Comprehensive visualization of the task data panel, quick viewing of task volume and Moderator status, and dynamic adjustment of Moderator requirements and moderation pressure

Why Use Our Audit Platform

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