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Image Moderation

Image detection technology based on Al deep learning, accurately identify pornographic, minor violation, violence, terrorism, advertising, logo, watermark and other risky images


  • Flexible Label Configuration System

    The refined label system is easy to config based on different level content moderation needs for your scenarios

  • Massive Model Training Samples

    Trained by Massive Data Samples. Continues iteration with hundreds of millions of data, real time content, and suppotrs a variety of content management

  • High Accuracy of Model Detection

    Deep integration of Inception, ResNet, MTCNN, InsightFace, EAST, CRNN and other models, multi-model combination training, accurate identification of various illegal pictures, the accuracy rate is as high as 99%

Support Various Type of Image

  • Pornography

    Accurately identify pornographic images such as obscenity, pornographic comics, and child nudity , support pornographic classification, and quickly identify severe/mild pornographic and sexy images

  • Violence

    Accurately identify terrorist organizations, cult organizations, guns and knives, bloody riots , child violence and other violent and terrorist pictures in various scenes

  • Advertisement

    Accurately identify the image content of advertisements published using watermark advertisements, personal data screenshots , QR codes , logos , etc.

  • Low Quality Images

    Accurately identify low-value image, such as low-quality images and negative values

  • Specified Images

    It can identify similar content based on image samples

Support Image Recognition in Multiple Scenarios

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