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Audio Moderation

Utilizes advanced speech recognition technology and semantic analysis for supporting various audio formats, enabling multi-scene and multi-dimensional detection and recognition


  • High Accuracy of Detection

    Deeply integrate GAN, TDNN, LSTM, RNN and other models to avoid the natural defects of a single model and create a composite and efficient model system

  • Detailed Labeling System

    A three-level labeling system, which divides labels carefully, makes risk control easy to adapt and easy to adjust

  • Sexual Noise Recognition

    The leading Sexual Noise recognition technology and RNN voice-to-text technology can effectively identify special sounds from different countries and regions

Support the Various Risky Content Detection

  • Pornography

    Accurately identify pornographic, vulgar, filthy , and other undesirable voice content in the audio

  • Sexual Noise

    Based on Bi-GRU and Attention model, it can accurately identify voices containing panting, moaning, and other illegal sounds

  • Prohibition

    Accurately identify illegal content such as drugs, gambling, contraband, and prohibited behaviors contained in the audio

  • Insult

    voice information containing insults, abuse, slander, etc.

  • Spam Advertisement

    Accurately identify illegal spam advertisements containing contact information and diversion voice content of competing products

  • Voice Label

    Support multiple Voice label identification, through voice analysis, judge information about children, teenagers and other minors

Support Audio Content Recognition in Multiple Scenarios

Detection Technology that Makes the Recognition Result More Accurate

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