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Video Moderation

Leverages advanced video data collection techniques, image and voice recognition, along with semantic analysis to comprehensively detect illegal political content, violence, religious extremism, offensive language, advertising watermarks, smoking, gambling scenes, and more.


  • User- insensitive Video Detection

    Millisecond level rapid response of video recognition, maximum video filtering response time is 1s, processing real-time rate up to 30%

  • Omnidirectional Recognition of Content in Videos

    Wide recognition dimensions, 360-degree synchronous detection of images, sounds, subtitles, texts, barrage and other content appearing in the video screen

Support the Detection of Various Risky Content

  • Pornography

    Accurately identify pornographic, sexy, vulgar, filthy, pornographic animation, child nudity, game exposure, pornographic videos

  • Terrorism

    Accurately identify bloody riots, terrorist organizations, cult organizations, guns and knives and other violent and terrorist videos in various scenes

  • Advertisement

    Real-time and accurate identification of spam advertisements such as contact information, URLs, QR codes and their variants in various video scenes

  • Logo Watermark

    Voice information containing insults, abuse, slander, etc.

  • Low-value Content

    Accurately identify low-value video content such as empty broadcast, multi-person broadcast, and other negative contents

  • Minor Identification

    Support multiple Voice label identification, through Voice analysis, judge information about children, teenagers and other minors

  • Custom Content

    Support customer-defined sensitive thesaurus, through literal and semantic comprehensive judgment, to filter illegal content in a targeted manner

Support Video Content Recognition in Multiple Scenarios

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