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AI Text Moderation

Utilizes cutting-edge semantic models and extensive multilingual samples to identify sensitive, risky, explicit, violent, terrorist, abusive, advertising diversion, and other risky text content across various scenarios.


  • Refined Labeling System

    1000+ three-level content labeling system, in-depth review scenarios in different industries, providing efficient, refined and comprehensive personalized content review solutions

  • High Accuracy of Detection

    Deep integration of Fasttext, HMM, CRF, Word2Vec and other NLP technologies and continuous innovation, the accuracy rate is 99%

  • Real-time Iteration

    Real-time tracking of public opinion combined with case analysis to drive optimization, hour-level update of incremental model, and iterative upgrade at all times

Various Type of Content Detection

  • Pornography

    Accurate detection of obscenity, seduction, pornographic insinuation, soft pornography, child pornography and other pornographic content, support pornographic classification

  • Prohibition

    Accurately identify illegal items and violations such as gambling, knives, guns, drugs, counterfeiting, and counterfeiting

  • Abuse

    Accurately identify insulting content such as insults, abuse, and defamation in various scenes

  • Spam

    Accurately identify spam content such as platform information flooding, screen swiping, meaningless, etc. that appear on the platform

  • Advertisement

    Accurately identify content that uses WeChat ID, mobile phone number, QQ, Whatsapp, etc. to publish illegal spam advertisements

  • Text Symbol

    Accurately identify the text semantics of various emoji expressions and character expression forms

  • Custom Content

    Support customer-defined sensitive thesaurus, through literal and semantic comprehensive judgment, to filter illegal content in a targeted manner

Support Text Content Recognition in Multiple Scenarios

Multi-scenario text review including comments, instant messages, documents, OCR, signatures

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