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Audio and Video Streaming Moderation

Utilizes real-time streaming data recording combined with speech and image recognition algorithms to perform moderate content reviews on various audio and video live streams, ensuring timely feedback


  • Millisecond Detection Speed

    Real-time review and timely callback, rapid response in milliseconds, and feedback location of risk problems.

  • Closed Loop Operation Process

    Error correction data feedback, providing exclusive optimization mechanism

Support the Detection of Various Risky Content

  • Pornography

    Accurately identify pornography, sexy, vulgar, dirty, pornographic anime, child nudity, game exposure, video love, etc

  • Violence

    Accurately identify bloody riots, terrorist organizations, cult organizations, guns and knives in live broadcast scenes

  • Advertisement

    Accurately identify spam advertisements such as contact information, URLs, QR codes and their variants in various audio and video scenes

  • Low-value Content

    Accurately identify low-value video content such as air broadcast in the live broadcast room/multiple appearances, negative values, etc

  • Minor Identification

    Finely identify minors in various scenes of live broadcast and video, and accurately determine the age distribution of minors

  • Sexual Noise

    Based on Bi-GRU and Attention model, it can accurately identify voices containing panting, moaning, and other illegal sounds

  • Prohibition

    Accurately identify illegal content such as drugs, gambling, contraband, and prohibited behaviors contained in the audio

  • Insult

    Voice information containing insults, abuse, slander, etc

  • Voice Label

    Support multiple Voice label identification, through Voice analysis, judge information about children, teenagers and other minors

  • Logo Watermark

    High-precision Logo watermark detection and recognition technology, supporting competing logo recognition and sensitive logo recognition

Support Audio and Video Living Streaming Recognition in Multiple Scenarios

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