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Case: Dialogue with LesPark: How do 8-year-old products, niche culture and continuous growth coexist?

Aug 2, 2023

LesPark is an all-female content social app. It has been online for 8 years, covering live broadcast, short video, graphics, audio and other content forms. Users can socialize, entertain and share life in the community. According to the official disclosure, the cumulative number of users on the site currently exceeds 20 million, with a monthly activity level of one million, and the number of anchors exceeds 150,000.
From the perspective of positioning, there is no doubt that LesPark is an absolute niche community with vertical users and precise needs. However, since its establishment, it has maintained a stable user base and revenue growth. The high entry threshold and friendly community atmosphere are the reasons that cannot be ignored. In the introduction of LesPark's App, it is written: "Safe and pure", strict review, male users are not allowed to enter, and the review customer service operation team is online 7x24 hours.
As NEXTDATA , which has cooperated hand in hand with LesPark since its establishment, I will take this interview to talk about the longevity of the niche community, how to achieve a more friendly community atmosphere, and allow high barriers to entry and continuous growth to coexist.

Opportunities and Breakthroughs of Small and Beautiful Social Products

As a social product only for women, the challenge of LesPark is to give users a strong sense of identity and provide users with sufficiently diverse and attractive content.
The founder of LesPark mentioned his understanding of niche products in a sharing. Judging from the gender ratio, LesPark is an absolute niche product. The public wants to focus, and the niche wants to break the circle, but they want to really touch The cool point for users must be that products with more precise positioning have greater lethality.
From the point of view of product use, niche products need to provide users with a deeper sense of identity in addition to what mass products can provide, such as social networking and getting rid of loneliness, so that they can let go of their defenses and get to know their peers at a lower cost. , join a "community" or "organization" that confirms each other's identities. For such a product, the user base will certainly not be very large, and it will be difficult to carry out large-scale exposure and launch in the domestic network environment, but the greater opportunity exists in word of mouth, and users are willing to recommend it as a "circle" to familiar a trustworthy person.
The LesPark site will operate activities with more identity characteristics, such as Super Music Idol Live Contest and Jiquan Ideal Events, so that KOL can drive the production of content and interact with topics.
With users, how to make users stay? Rich media forms are one of the answers. LesPark has launched social services, interest social networking, video social networking, voice social networking and other forms to provide users with a variety of choices and meet users' needs for sharing and recording life, expanding and making friends, leisure and entertainment, etc.
LesPark also introduces the media form of short video into the original social scene. Through a more intuitive and vivid content display form, it not only enriches the social experience of users, but also stimulates the vitality of UGC content creators, thereby ensuring user growth.
Gao Xuejing, head of operations at LesPark, introduced to us the recently launched "Hundred Flowers Project". The platform subsidizes tens of millions of yuan, and encourages users who join the "Hundred Flowers Project" to post short videos with platform creation income. At the same time, create a stable and fast upload experience and a smooth viewing experience for users through technology development. After the increase in video content, the time spent watching and using by users has increased significantly, and the popularity of interactive comments has strongly responded.
In LesPark's view, the content form of niche products will be more "circle of friends", so "follow" is placed on the first screen, "because we focus on people and the content of small circles". Compared with mass products, LesPark users have already passed the same entry threshold, and they are people in the same circle.

8-Year-Old Products: Privacy, Atmosphere, and Whistleblowing Culture

A good community atmosphere depends on the maintenance of the operation and review team on the one hand, and on the user's own maintenance on the other hand. The early station B set up an answer threshold to protect the two-dimensional atmosphere, and LesPark has a strict identity recognition threshold. From the perspective of entry threshold, LesPark has strict identity authentication, including avatar, voice, face video verification, etc., all of which require machine and manual verification; live broadcast barrage, or comments, private chats and other occasions, politics, pornography, etc. are high-risk risks. LesPark established its own manual review team in the early days of its establishment.
With the gradual enrichment of product functions, LesPark also accesses more audit scenarios. The recently-launched voice social function, the voice model of NEXTDATA Heavenly Filter, was also connected in the first time. It is understood that panting, politics and pornography are the hardest hit areas of voice socialization. The diverse samples caused by timbre, accent, melody, etc. have caused great difficulties for review. Once the supervision is tightened, sample backtracking will also bring greater pressure to the review. NEXTDATA's voice recognition has more than 150 risk tags, which builds the most comprehensive recognition capability, effectively filters risky content, and reduces the retrospective pressure when samples accumulate.
In addition to the protection of the community atmosphere by auditing and other means, after users officially enter the community, they can also activate the "privacy" function to become a mysterious person when performing live broadcast rewards, so as to avoid revealing their identity information on the reward list.
On the other hand, LesPark has formed a stable community "reporting culture". When the review fails to identify cheaters, reporting is a very effective means of self-control. From the user's point of view, this is a community for women themselves, and they are obliged to drive out men with malicious intentions. According to the founder, female users are willing to report male users as soon as possible, and they will also share screenshots of successful reports to the community. In their view, "this is a very great and meaningful thing."
Founded 8 years ago, LesPark may always maintain a small and beautiful state, from the small and beautiful in the Asia Pacific to the small and beautiful in the world. It is difficult to popularize, but it is subdivided enough, so it is not a weapon to maintain the vitality of the community and give users identity. As the founder said, precise positioning is the strongest lethality of niche products.

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