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What is Content Safety?

June 9, 2023

Content security refers to a series of practices and measures aimed at ensuring that information content published, disseminated, and shared on the internet, social media platforms, applications, games, or other digital spaces is compliant, healthy, and safe. Content security involves the process of identifying, filtering, blocking, or removing illegal, harmful, offensive, or inappropriate content.
The primary goal of content security is to protect users, especially minors and vulnerable groups, from the harm of inappropriate content. This includes content involving violence, pornography, terrorism, hate speech, cyberbullying, misinformation, and more.
To achieve content security, various platforms or service providers typically adopt multiple approaches, such as establishing clear content policies and community guidelines, setting up content review teams, and using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automatically detect and filter problematic content. In addition, some platforms allow users to report inappropriate content and encourage self-regulation and community management among users.

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