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What is Generative AI Content Moderation?

June 9, 2023

Generative AI Content Moderation is the task of having Generative AI replace manual content moderating for all content reviews. This technology is particularly useful in cases where traditional keyword-based or image-based moderation approaches are ineffective or insufficient. For example, in scenarios where users are posting ambiguous language or encoded messages that violate platform policies, generative AI models can be used to identify and replace the problematic content.However, like any form of AI-based content moderation, generative AI content moderation is not infallible, and there are concerns about the potential for false positives and negatives in the content moderation process, so we still hope that manpower can play a supervisory and guiding role in the moderate process. Additionally, generative AI content moderation raises ethical questions about the use of AI to create content, especially in situations where the generated content can be similar to that produced by humans.

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